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For The Love of Medical Writing

Embracing Medical Writing: Where science meets compassion, skilled writers bridge medical discoveries and the world, conveying complex data with clarity. Discover the art behind medical communication.
  • I am in healthcare profession, but I am not a physician;
  • I have a postgraduate degree in pharmacy, but I am neither a chemist nor a professor;
  • I have knowledge of drugs and diseases, but I am neither a pathologist nor a lab technician;
  • I am updated with all the latest happenings ongoing in pharma market, but I am not a research scientist;
  • I am in touch with all the latest regulatory and health practice guidelines, but I am not member of any health advisory board or part of any health related organization

Then Who am I? An amalgamation of all.

I am the voice of researchers, physicians and pharma companies- I support them to get their work read and heard. My domain knowledge, writing skills and creativity put their work and words into something that can be easily understood by the professionals and the public. Yes, I AM A MEDICAL WRITER- A profession which has a blend of science, creativity and writing skills

Dear Readers,

If you ask me why I love my job, I can go on and on about it. Medical writing is the pool of knowledge of medical science, new drugs and discoveries, trends in pharma market, latest regulatory guidelines and much more. There are few meaningful quotes for Medical writing which signifies the power of this profession.

How is it different from other jobs?

Undoubtedly this profession is different from typical R&D jobs. It involves innovative thinking at every step. It is not based on single day or a month long training process. A person’s own creativity, novel thinking, zeal to learn and presentation skills make him or her successful in this career.

To understand the data or research work with an eye detailing and then transforming it into simplified and meaningful manner is an art in itself. This work requires your technical skills, qualification either in medicine, pharmacy or other life sciences and your interest in reading and passion for writing.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to get the skillful jobs where your qualification really matters. Also in some jobs, most of the work is done by automatic systems where commands are already set to execute the work. It masks the opportunity of using your own knowledge and other skills, which results in rusting of brain and gives a feel of boredom of doing similar kind of work regularly. But in medical writing, our brain cells are not at all dormant. Learning is not limited to data entry work.

Our efforts and skills provide recognition to the work of those researchers/scientists whose work was otherwise getting wasted in huge piles of paper and of no value. We give a new look to their work. Medical writers do miracles by transforming the simple and complicated work into something which is creative and understandable.

Researchers, Scientists and Commercial companies hire smart medical writers or create own medical writing teams to publish their work in National or International Journals so that their work gets recognition. We provide editorial support to their work with our own thinking and innovative ideas and reshape their work into a spresentable look.

Every day is a new learning

My profession gives me a new learning every day. In my job, I have an opportunity to work upon different therapy areas. I read about every kind of therapy such as cardiovascular, CNS, skin, infertility or cancer disorders. I thoroughly enjoy my work as every project gives me a new challenge. My enthusiasm gets double when I get client appreciation and I see my work published.

It is a white collar and highly paid job. It boosts my confidence when I get a chance to interact with my clients. We get freedom to deal with our clients in our own way. I love solving problems and honing up my skills in creativity. I scratch my mind to think innovative and out of the box. I stay busy and the day flies by. I go home at night knowing I may not have changed the world, but I did at least something which is quenching my thirst of knowing more and more. My team mates and understanding manager add on pleasure to work with and make my work more enjoyable. We are not micromanaged.

Work life balance

I am able to manage my work life balance equally good. I can give time to my family and friends properly.

This profession has helped me to satisfy myself intellectually and has given new wings to my thinking and writing. I am thankful to my organization, my manager and supporting team mates to make me feel like a home at my workplace.

Written by:
Ms. Shelly Arora

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