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Our team has collaborated with leading researchers, healthcare professionals, and pharmaceutical companies to deliver impactful and accurate content spanning across diverse research disciplines, clinical specialties, and therapeutic areas. These documents consistently achieve acceptance in renowned international and national journals with minimal revisions, attesting to high quality and adherence to publication standards.

S.No.TitleJournal NameYear
1Assessment of safety and tolerability of remogliflozin etabonate (GSK189075) when administered with total daily dose of 2000 mg of metforminBMC Pharmacology and Toxicology2021
2Safety and immunogenicity of SURE RAB™, an inactivated cell culture derived rabies vaccine: A comparative, phase III clinical trialIndian Journal of Medical Microbiology2021
3Multicentered prospective investigator-initiated study to evaluate the clinical outcomes with extracorporeal cytokine adsorption device (CytoSorb®) in patients with sepsis and septic shockWorld Journal of Critical Care Medicine2021
4Effect of Different Rituximab Doses on B Cell Count, Anti-A/B Antibody Titer, Graft Function, and Infectious Complications in ABO-Incompatible Renal Transplantation: A Prospective StudyInternational Journal of Surgery Case Reports2021
5Experience with hemoadsorption (CytoSorb®) in the management of septic shock patientsWorld Journal of Critical Care Medicine2020
S.No.TitleJournal NameYear
1Unique way of chest wall reconstruction using Integra Dermal Regeneration Template (IDRT) in a patient with post traumatic mucormycosis: A case reportInternational Journal of Surgery Case Reports2022
2An Unusual Case of a Dematiaceous Fungus with an Exclusive Cerebral Involvement After ABO-Incompatible Renal TransplantationAmerican Journal of Case Reports2020
3Prolonged Survival of the Patient with Head and Neck Cancer with Squamous Cell Carcinoma treated with Cetuximab: A Case ReportAmerican Journal of Cancer Case Report2020
S.No.TitleJournal NameYear
1Treatment Approach for Superficial Dermatophytosis Infections and Factors Contributing for Noncompliance to Antifungal Therapy in India: An Epidemiological SurveyClinical Dermatology Review2022
2Pramoxine containing topical formulation of eberconazole in the management of dermatophytosis in India: a consensus statementInternational Journal of Research in Dermatology2022
3Role of topical nadifloxacin as an empirical treatment in patients with skin and soft-tissue infections in India: A review and consensusCosmoderma2021
4An Industry Perspective on Risks and Mitigation Strategies Associated with Post Conduct Phase of Clinical TrialReviews on Recent Clinical Trials2020