Case Studies

Microarray Platform For The Analysis Of Mirna Gene Expression

Micro RNA arrays are powerful tools for studying the role of small non-coding RNA in complex diseases. Microarray technology enables comprehensive investigation of microRNA expression, and furthers our understanding of recently discovered noncoding RNAs.

Case study- AMCP Dossier (010618)

A US consulting company with no internal regulatory medical writing resources had identified the need for regulatory writing and support to write a dossier to be submitted to US regulatory body. The timelines to submit the document were short. Client spotted us in acknowledgement section appearing in one of the research article published in one of the International Journal.

Case Study- Expert Opinion (180818)

Advisory board meetings (ABMs) have been used since long by the pharmaceutical companies to gain medical and commercial insights about a specific drug/product. A group of experienced professionals or key opinion leaders (KOLs) from a specific therapy area are invited to share their experiences and needs on a specific/pre-decided agenda.

Role of MRSA in ABSSI and DFI- Case Study

One of the top global pharmaceutical company approached us to write a review article which will generate a need for a new antibiotic for the treatment of an acute infection. The ultimate goal was to collect information from literature about the condition, available treatment modalities, unmet needs, steps to develop new ways to treat.

Case Study- Slide Deck Strategy

Our motive of slide deck preparation was to deliver all the aspects of Advisory Board Meeting (ABM) on the day of meet. We tried to summarize critical elements entailed for a prestigious slide deck. Our majorfocus was to replicate the actual delivery as closely as possible in the allocated time.