World No Tobacco Day: Another modification is warranted!

  This year’s theme of World No Tobacco Day – Get ready for plain packaging – highlights its global efforts to control tobacco products. WHO has introduced a plain, simple and a standardized packaging format for all tobacco products which prohibits the use of misleading packaging and labeling, attractions, advertisements, promotions and glamour which is […]

For The Love of Medical Writing

For The Love of Medical Writing I am in healthcare profession, but I am not a physician; I have a postgraduate degree in pharmacy, but I am neither a chemist nor a professor; I have knowledge of drugs and diseases, but I am neither a pathologist nor a lab technician; I am updated with all […]

Role of The Publication Planning Team in Effective Communication Strategy: Maximizing the Benefits

“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything, if you haven’t been planning you can’t start to work, intelligently at least.”                                            Dwight D. Eisenhower The fifth annual meeting of the International Publication Planning Association (TIPPA) drew special attention to develop guidelines and policies to improve the process of publication planning. The word “publication planning” refers […]

Submission of a Manuscript: Last, but not the Least

“Manuscript: something submitted in haste and returned at leisure.”                                                                                                            By Oliver Herford Submission of a research article, case report/series, review article, letter to the editor or any other type of article to journal seems very easy task, but can be a tiring and tedious process. Before submission of a manuscript, there is a complete […]

Barriers in Patient Recruitment: An Infograph

LIFE OF AN ARTICLE: From conceiving to getting published

Publication of the research/study data is an important aspect in science and medicine. The reason can be any- knowledge sharing, promotion/ add on to resume, accomplishment of thesis, etc. The bright young novice souls as well as skillful experienced people try to present their research on paper for which, they prepare a manuscript. The pathway […]

Life of an IT Employee: Coded Mind, Encrypted Views!

Life of an IT Employee: Coded Mind, Encrypted Views!   “Hey, Congratulations! Your life is set, Boss! I mean you cleared the IIT Entrance Exam. That’s great man.” Tappu, a bright and studious student feels proud on his achievement. After all, his hard work had paid off. From ninth standard onwards, Tappu had been dreaming […]

Open Access and Copyright: The Changing Landscape in Scholarly Publication

“Open Access” (OA) means the free (without any payment made by the reader) and immediate availability of the scholarly articles to the world. Though freely available to the readers, there is a cost associated with the publication of articles in these journals. This “OA fee” is borne by the author, academic institute or the organization […]

Beware of Predatory Journals

“We publish your paper in 5 days.” Another interesting one, “Explore your research knowledge” and most common, “Special Issue invitation”. The mails are generally well-written often with images, journal ISSN number and sometimes with editorial board details (sometimes concocted). Sometimes the mail would also refer to your latest article that been published mentioning it as […]

The Black Triangle and Safety Reporting of Medicines

Pharmacovigilance (PV)/Drug safety is the science of learning and doings (detection, evaluation, understanding and its prevention) about the adverse drug reactions (ADRs). The consistent improvement in the regulations of PV and its growing importance led to the adoption of an organized PV framework globally. It typically engaged ADR data collected from numerous dwellings such as […]

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